Recap Dance: Nick's and McGinty's (March-May 2010)

Series Recap

Six-Count Styling
  • Send-Out
  • Pass-By
  • Switch Hands
  • "Collect the Girl"
Eight-Count Styling
  • Swing-Out from Closed
  • Open Swing-Out (Eight-Count "Lindy Whip" With Swivels)
  • Standard Inside Turn ("Second Half")
  • Modified Inside Turn ("Turn on FIRST Half")
  • Lindy Circle to Closed

Location: Nick's Nightclub, Alexandria, VA
Date: Wednesdays, March 17th - May 5th, 2010

Note: We taught mostly the same material at McGinty's Public House, Silver Spring, MD
Date: Sundays, March 21st - May 9th, 2010


As always, be sure to Register online at See you there!! :-D

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