2019-06-05: "Rock-A-Sonics" at Nick's

  1. "Reet, Petite and Gone"
        by Louis Jordan
        from the album "Five Guys Named Moe (Original Decca Recordings Vol 2)"
  2. "Stompin' at the Savoy"
        by Benny Goodman
  3. "Go Daddy-O"
        by Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
        from the album "Big Bad Voodoo Daddy"
  4. "Kiss the Boys Goodbye"
        by Tommy Dorsey
        from the album "B Group Secret Decoder CD Vol. II: Stealth Mode"
  5. "When I Have to Say Goodbye"
        by King Teddy
        from the album "Stirred and Shaken"
  6. "Gone, Gone, Gone"
        by Carl Perkins
        from the album "Let's Go! That Rockabilly Rhythm"
  7. "Bye Bye Love"
        by The Everly Brothers
        from the album "Soda Fountain Favorites - Early Rock-n-Roll Jukebox"
  8. "Last Kiss"
        by Wayne Cochran
  9. "Goodbye Song"
        by Phat Cat Swinger
        from the album "Phat Cat Swinger"
  10. "The Song Is Ended"
        by Boilermaker Jazz Band, The
        from the album "Give Me Your Telephone Number..."
  11. "Never Can Say Goodbye"
        by Gloria Gaynor
        from the album "Orginal Disco Selection (Disc 1)"
  12. "Long Gone"
        by Bob Scoby
        from the album "Lindy Hop Jamboree, Part 5, Groovin'"
  13. "That Song Is Gone"
        by Jimmy Liggins
        from the album "Specialty Jump Blues, Vol. 1 (Legends of)"
  14. "See You Later, Alligator"
        by Bill Haley & The Comets
        from the album "Rock Around The Clock"
  15. "Hit the Road, Jack!"
        by Ray Charles
        from the album "Bernstein's "Jump Blues + R&B #4" Compilation"