2019-01-18: "Back Room Balboa" at Glen Echo

  1. "Spinning the Webb"
        by Chick Webb
  2. "Come On If You're Comin'"
        by Blue Rhythm Boys
  3. "Salute To Harlem"
        by Girls From Mars
  4. "Who Ya Hunchin'"
        by Chick Webb
  5. "All The Cats Join In"
        by Benny Goodman
  6. "Mal ô Mains"
        by Sanseverino
  7. "Yacht Club Swing"
        by Fats Waller
  8. "At The Jazz Band Ball"
        by Bix Beiderbecke & His Gang
  9. "Fotoromanza"
        by Alfredo Rey E La Sua Orchestra
  10. "Paul Revere"
        by Asylum Street Spankers
  11. "I Want To Be Happy"
        by Ella Fitzgerald
  12. "Sing Me A Swing Song"
        by Benny Goodman
  13. "Strictly Jive"
        by Chick Webb
  14. "Swing Doors"
        by Allan Gray
  15. "Fly-By-Night"
        by Benny Goodman
  16. "Minor Swing"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
  17. "The Kingdom of Swing"
        by Benny Goodman and His Orchestra
  18. "Diga Diga Doo"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
  19. "Stealin' Apples"
        by Benny Goodman Septet
  20. "Riffin' At The Ritz"
        by Benny Goodman
  21. "Eager Beaver"
        by Stan Kenton
  22. "Juice Box Rhythm"
        by The Grandsons Jr.
  23. "I'm Crazy 'Bout The One Ring"
        by Harlequin Jazz Band
  24. "Ain'tcha Got Music?"
        by Mora's Modern Rhythmists
  25. "Hep Hop"
        by Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, The
  26. "Call Me A Taxi"
        by Will Bradley & Ray McKinley
  27. "Main Stem"
        by Duke Ellington
  28. "DJ Ango"
        by Russell Welch Hot Quartet, The
  29. "Cherokee"
        by Charlie Barnet
  30. "Two By Two Hands Of Blue"
        by Harlequin Jazz Band
  31. "Steampunk Telegram"
        by Cirque du Soleil
  32. "Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho"
        by Sidney Bechet
  33. "Frenchmen St. Pop Pop"
        by Russell Welch Hot Quartet, The
  34. "She Doesn't Shag"
        by Blue Sky 5 + 2
  35. "Man From Mars"
        by Artie Shaw
  36. "Sing You Sinners"
        by The Irwell Street String Band, Hetty Kate & Sam Lemann
  37. "Super Chief"
        by Count Basie
  38. "The Grabtown Grapple"
        by Artie Shaw & His Grammercy 5
  39. "Sun Valley Jump"
        by Glenn Miller
  40. "Artichaut"
        by Chinese Man
  41. "Hop, Skip And Jump"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
  42. "Merry Go Round"
        by Duke Ellington
  43. "Boff Boff (Mop Mop)"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
  44. "Diga, Diga Doo"
        by Artie Shaw
  45. "Stomp of King Porter"
        by Manhattan Transfer
  46. "Harlem Air Shaft"
        by Duke Ellington
  47. "Back Bay Shuffle"
        by Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
  48. "Cantina Band"
        by Star Wars: Figrin d'An and the Model Nodes
  49. "Closing Theme"
        by The Muppets