2016-02-28: Balboa Practice

  1. "She Doesn't Shag"
        by Blue Sky 5 + 2
        from the album "Five Minutes More"
  2. "Savoy Blip"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
        from the album "Crazy Rhythm"
  3. "Cherokee"
        by Charlie Barnet
        from the album "The Greats Of Swing"
  4. "Celery Stalks At Midnight"
        by Will Bradley
        from the album "Big Band Blast! The Classic Originals"
  5. "Honeysuckle Rose"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
        from the album "Crazy Rhythm"
  6. "Yacht Club Swing"
        by Fats Waller
  7. "Call Me A Taxi"
        by Will Bradley & Ray McKinley
        from the album "Eight To The Bar: The Best Of Will Bradley With Ray McKinley"
  8. "Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho"
        by Sidney Bechet
        from the album "1949 Volume 1"
  9. "Salute To Harlem"
        by Girls From Mars
        from the album "Planet Swing"
  10. "The Minor Goes A Muggin'"
        by Pete Jacobs And His Wartime Radio Revue
        from the album "Kiss The Boys Goodbye -Disc 1"
  11. "Dipsy Doodle (Vocal: Bea Wain)"
        by Larry Clinton & His Orchestra
        from the album "G.I. Jukebox Songs From World War II"
  12. "Swing Doors"
        by Allan Gray
        from the album "Fallout 3 "Galaxy News Radio" Soundtrack"
  13. "Viper Mad"
        by Sidney Bechet with Nobie Sissles Swingers feat. ONeil Spencer
        from the album "The Sky is high and so am I"
  14. "All The Cats Join In"
        by Benny Goodman
  15. "Sing Me A Swing Song"
        by Benny Goodman
        from the album "Lindy Hop Jamboree, Part 6, Jumpin'"
  16. "The Grabtown Grapple (1945)"
        by Artie Shaw & His Grammercy 5
        from the album "Self Portrait (Disc 3)"
  17. "Man From Mars"
        by Artie Shaw
  18. "Strictly Jive"
        by Chick Webb
        from the album "Swing Out Again"
  19. "Portrait of the Lion"
        by Duke Ellington
        from the album "The Duke - The Columbia Years - 1927-1962 (Disc 1)"
  20. "St. Louis Blues"
        by Artie Shaw & His Orchestra
        from the album "More Fabulous Swing"