2013-11-24: Roda Movements

  1. "Come On If You're Comin'"
        by Blue Rhythm Boys
        from the album "Come On If You're Comin'"
  2. "The Muffin Man"
        by Ella Fitzgerald
        from the album "Errol's "Murphy Mix 04/2008""
  3. "Savoy Blip"
        by Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five
        from the album "Crazy Rhythm"
  4. "Salute To Harlem"
        by Girls From Mars
        from the album "Planet Swing"
  5. "Rubberneckin' (Paul Oakenfold mix)"
        by Elvis Presley
  6. "Such A Night"
        by Elvis Presley
  7. "That's How You Got Killed Before (feat. The Dirty Dozen Brassband)"
        by Elvis Costello
        from the album "Kojak Variety (bonus disc)"
  8. "Don't Be Cruel"
        by Cheap Trick
  9. "Everybody Eats when they Come to My House"
        by Cab Calloway
        from the album "Dabe's "Near Perfect" Swing CD"
  10. "Whadaya Want"
        by Casey MacGill
        from the album "Casey MacGill & The Spirits Of Rhythm"
  11. "Blue Suit Boogie"
        by Indigo Swing
        from the album "Dabe's "Near Perfect" Swing CD"
  12. "The Hatchet Man"
        by Casey MacGill's Blue 4 Trio
        from the album "Casey MacGill's Blue 4 Trio"
  13. "See You Later, Alligator"
        by Bill Haley & The Comets
        from the album "Rock Around The Clock"
  14. "Hit the Road, Jack!"
        by Ray Charles
        from the album "Bernstein's "Jump Blues + R&B #4" Compilation"