2007-01-31: Wednesday Night at Nick's with the Cutaways

  1. "My Baby Just Cares For Me"
        by Indigo Swing
        from the album "Indigo Swing"
  2. "Fly Me to the Moon"
        by Frank Sinatra
        from the album "B Group Secret Decoder CD Vol. II: Stealth Mode"
  3. "The Wanderer"
        by Dion and the Belmonts
  4. "Mister 5x5"
        by Jonathan Stout & Campus Five
        from the album "Jammin' the Blues"
  5. "Stray Cat Strut"
        by Stray Cats
        from the album "Greatest Hits"
  6. "Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee"
        by Wynonie Harris
        from the album "Best of The Best - Wynonie Harris"
  7. "Straighten Up and Fly Right"
        by Nat King Cole
        from the album "Greatest Hits"
  8. "I Wan'na Be Like You (The Monkey Song)"
        by Louis Prima, Phil Harris & Bruce Reitherman
        from the album "Jungle Book, The - Soundtrack"
  9. "Signifyin' Monkey"
        by Oscar Brown Jr.
        from the album "Sin & Soul ...and then some"
  10. "Bim Bam"
        by Sam Butera & the Witnesses
        from the album "Bernstein's "Jump Blues + R&B #4" Compilation"
  11. "Under The Boardwalk"
        by Drifters, The
        from the album "Doo Wop Era"
  12. "Hush Hush"
        by Bill Cosby
        from the album "Silver Throat-Bill Cosby Sings"
  13. "Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop"
        by Louis Prima
        from the album "Versatile Mr. Prima: Trumpet, Vocal and Hits"
  14. "Darktown Strutters' Ball"
        by Phil Harris
  15. "Sent For You Yesterday And Here You Come Today"
        by Count Basie
        from the album "Ken Burns Jazz (Disc 2)"
  16. "Jacquet In The Box"
        by Jonathan Stout And His Campus Five
        from the album "Crazy Rhythm"
  17. "Indiana (with Illinois Jacquet and Harry...)"
        by Modern Jazz Quartet