Schedule of Bands at McGinty's

Here's the upcoming schedule at McGinty's:

Schedule of Bands at McGinty's

Here's the schedule of upcoming bands at McGinty's:

New Classes at McGinty's and Nick's

Janelle and I are starting our new eight-week series of classes THIS WEEK at McGinty's Public House in Silver Spring, MD and Nick's Nightclub in Alexandria, VA.

NEW: Swing MP3s

You may know that I keep an exhaustive list of Swing Playlists from all our dances.

What you might NOT have known, however, is that you can now BUY those songs directly from

New Series of Classes (and Schedule of Bands) at McGinty's

The next series of classes at McGinty's -- with its NEW WOOD FLOOR! -- starts Sunday, November 11th.
Register Online or at the door.

Specialty Classes at Nick's

Janelle and I will be teaching three "Specialty Classes" at Nick's Nightclub in Alexandria, VA

Upcoming Events for 2007-09-14

Here's where Janelle and I will be this week:

Upcoming Events for 2007-09-07

This week, Janelle and I will be at:

Upcoming Events for 2007-08-16

Be sure to catch Janelle and me at the following locations:

I've Resurrected

As you can tell, I've resurrected

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